It all started with my personal EXPERIENCE

"While we were students at business school, one time we tried to shop a jewelry for our friend's birthday. But what we found was either overly expensive or not so expensive not so cheap with terrible quality. The sales were overwhelming. We were surprised at how hard it was just to find a piece of jewelry that didn't leave us feeling being ripped off."

Melyssa Hill, Founder of Joli Moon

Our Mission

To provide the best designer jewelry at a reasonable price, while revolutionizing the jewelry industry with transparency and honesty.

The Design Process

As obvious as it may sound, we need to clearly define the problem to be able to come up with a great design that would solve the problem. We asked ourselves: What do people really want when they are shopping for jewelry? What are the pros of cons of the current solution? How can we do better? Not long we realized that the reason jewelry industry maintains such a high margin is its long process from the factories to its customers. We wanted fashionable jewelry that is stylish and affordable at the same time. To do so, we know we have to do everything in house, from designing to distributing, even if it means more work and more challenges.


Joli Moon was founded with a lofty goal: to offer premium jewelry with reasonable price. It is challenging, that’s why nobody has done this before in the jewelry industry. So whether you’re a fresh college grad, or experienced executive with years of experience, at Joli Moon we challenge you to think outside of the box to get closer towards our goal. If you have a rebellious spirit, with a heart of doing something special, we want you!

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