1. Will there be discounts on wholesale orders?

We offer discounts on orders based on the purchased amount. 

a.    Below $100: 10-15% discount

b.    $100-$500: 15-30% discount

c.    Above $500: custom quote

The discount will be applied when you order by sending us a list of the SKU quantities.

2. How do we place our orders?

You will send a list of the SKU quantities to brenday@cascaracreatives.com. We will email you an order form with the requested items and final cost as a confirmation. For your first purchase, you will have to pay the whole cost up front. However, for future orders, you can pay 50% first and then the remaining 50% once you receive the products.  

3. How do we pay for our orders?

All payments will be wire transfers.

4. What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) of the same SKU is 10 jewelry pieces*. Minimum shipping quantity is 100 jewelry pieces.  If you order 300 pieces (a variety of SKU), we can lower the MOQ for you to increase the jewelry variety (ex: different colours, styles).

*Note: Jewelry pieces with more than 1 colour have separate SKU numbers. ex: BOLD RHOMBUS EARRINGS has silver and gold and their SKU#s are 101-141S and 101-141G. You would have to order at least 10 per colour and not 5 silver and 5 gold. 

5. How long does ordering take?

Order processing takes approximately 3 to 5 business days.

6. Is there any additional shipping cost?

If jewelry is only ordered without any jewelry boxes or gift boxes, shipment will be cheaper and faster. If additional jewelry compliments, such as gift boxes, are needed, we can use standard shipping (7-10 business days) to reduce your cost.

Jewelry can be shipped in small gift boxes (see below) or shipped separately. The small grey gift boxes can be ordered without the Joli Moon logo.


 7. What are the wholesaler perks?

Every month, we release around 50-70 new products. As a wholesaler, you will have exclusive early access to pick the jewelry pieces you want.

 8. What are your brand guidelines for wholesales?

We always try our very best to help our wholesalers and we will send you our brand identity guideline for you by email if needed.



These FAQs are for your reference. Each wholesaler may have different needs which will be discussed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

We are excited to for you to a wholesaler for Joli Moon!